IPS ASP Chicago 2016

First IPS Nonhuman Primate Tattoo Contest – Conservation Fundraiser

In keeping with the art theme of this year’s IPS/ASP Joint Meeting, we will be holding the First IPS Nonhuman Primate Tattoo Contest.  Proud of your nonhuman primate tattoo?  Think it is the best one around?  Enter it in the IPS Nonhuman Primate Tattoo Contest.  All you have to do is:

  1. Take a picture of your tattoo and email a high-quality image of it to ipsinfo@asp.org, and
  2. Pay the $20 entry fee through your IPS member’s page (all revenue goes to the IPS Conservation Fund)

Numbered images (tattoo owners’ identities will be kept confidential) will be printed on high-quality, letter-size paper and presented at the upcoming IPS/ASP Joint Meeting, along with our other fine art exhibits/collections, including:
Primates: The Jean Baulu Collection of Antique Prints
Primates in Nature: Works by Dao Van Hoang for IPS/ASP 2016
Hybridization of Traditional and Digital Rendering Techniques: Primate Field and Pocket Guide Art by Stephen Nash
Art by Charity: Primate Works by Charity Oetgen
Attendees at the Joint Meeting will vote for their favorite nonhuman primate tattoos and the winner will take home a cash prize and the title of
Contest rules are minimal:

  1. The entry fee is $20 per photo/tattoo.  If you have multiple nonhuman primate tattoos that are near one another and can be captured in a single photograph, that is one entry.  If you want to enter multiple tattoos that cannot be captured in a single photograph, you must pay an entry fee for each photo/tattoo.
  2. The tattoo must include a nonhuman primate, with nonhuman primate defined as a nonhuman animal of the Order PRIMATES.
  3. The tattoo receiving the most votes (tickets) will be declared the winner.

If you have questions, please send them to ipsinfo@asp.org with “tattoo contest” in the subject line.

Submission deadline is August 22.